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Hello and Welcome to Jon Stucky Insurance Agency

We are an independent insurance agency licensed by the State of Texas. Our owner and founder is Jon Stucky who has been serving insurance needs in Texas since 1984.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by providing you with the best insurance service in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Here is how we do that for you:

We Maintain Our License

Being Licensed means that Jon and his agency pay a fee to be examined by the State of Texas. If they pass the examination, they receive the right, or License, to conduct insurance business in Texas. The State of Texas has approved Jon Stucky Insurance Agency to provide insurance for its residents. You can rest easy and have peace of mind—the insurance that we provide is what Texas says is the best and what its citizens need.

We Keep Our Independence

Being a Texas Independent Agent means that we don't have to provide any particular brand of insurance. We are not obligated to provide insurance from only one company, but we can shop around among all the insurance companies. You can rest easy and have peace of mind—we have done all of the shopping for you and provide the best coverage at the best value.

We Charge No Additional Fees

Not charging additional fees makes our agency different from a lot of other agencies. When shopping for insurance on your own, you need to be careful of duplicate finance charges by some agents. The insurance company charges an administrative fee to setup your policy. It's lawful for the agent to charge the same fee again for his or her setup. But you can rest easy and have peace of mind—our agency will not charge any additional fees to your policy—ever!

We Give You Personalized Service

We are large enough to serve all your insurance needs, but small enough to give you personalized service. We don't route you through the office like an assembly line. And when you call us, you talk to a real live person. You can rest easy and have peace of mind—from start to finish and all along the way, we are here to help you with your insurance.

Call us for a free quote: Metro: 972-263-4846

Or, Email us at: policy@jonstucky.com

Or, email Jon personally at: jon@jonstucky.com