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What Motorcycle Insurance Is

Motorcycle Insurance is a contract (the policy) between you and the Insurance Company regarding your motorcycle and its accessories. To keep your insurance current (in force), you make payments (premiums).

Why Motorcycle Insurance Is So Important

The law requires it

Like car insurance, if you drive, or operate a motorcycle, the law requires it hat you have proper insurance coverage for the bike, no matter if it is a dirt bike, sports bike, or cruiser.

It protects you, your bike, and others

With our motorcycle policies,we help you take care of your bike. If something happens to it,or its accessories,while it is covered by the policy, the Insurance Company will pay for some if it, or all of it, depending upon the policy you choose.

It protects your motorcycle like car insurance does your automobile

Do not forget to get your insurance coverage before you go on that great ride.

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