Life Insurance
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What Life Insurance Is

Life Insurance is a contract (the policy) between you and the Insurance Company regarding your life (the expectation of how long you will live). Generally you made scheduled payments (premiums) in order to keep the policy current (in force).

It has been said that there are three reasons why people buy life insurance:

Why Life Insurance Is So Important

The bank requires it

Why does a bank require the borrower to have life insurance? Only reason is to protect their interest, or rather their investment. Like the bank,how much would you want to protect your biggest investment: your family? Insurance Companies offer a lot of different ways you can provide for your family.

It protects your loved ones from the unexpected

With our life insurance policies, we help you prepare for your family and loved ones future. If your were to die while the policy is in force, the Insurance Company will pay your beneficiaries (whom you have specified to receive it) a sum of money that you agreed to when you took out the policy.

There are different types of life insurance policies

The list below shows some different ones you can obtain:

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Work out the formula below to help you determine your life insurance needs.

1. List your annual income and multiply by 2  
2. List your mortgage payment and multiply by 2  
3. List your other monthly payments and multiply by 2  
4. List your college funding and multiply by the number
of children going to college
5. Add 1—4 above to determine your insurance needs  

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