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What Renters Insurance Is

Renters Insurance is a contract (the policy) between you and the Insurance Company regarding your possessions if you rent rather than own your own home. Since you are not insuring a building, as you do with Home Insurance, the policy covers your contents if you keep your policy current by making scheduled payments (premiums).

Why Renters Insurance Is So Important

With our Renters Insurance, we help you protect your personal belongings against fire, water,lightning, flood and theft. if something were to happen to the place you are renting, the Insurance Company will pay for some of your possessions,or all of them, depending upon the policy you choose. You can also get liability insurance as part of your policy that will cover other people (if an accident were to occur, like someone tripping over your floor mat and then wants to sue you).

Policies are issued form $1,000 to $50,000. Policies of $24,000 or less cover the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your contents, while policies over $25,000 cover the actual replacement cost of your contents. There is a 1% deductible on all claims.

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